The best college in every state to help graduates find a job

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The job market is booming, but experts say there won’t always be an abundance of jobs. As many as 96.2% of graduates from these 50 universities find themselves employed 10 years after graduation.   Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech made the list for best colleges for employability — see if your school did as well.

Recent graduates are entering one of the best job markets in decades, but economists say that cheery circumstance won’t last forever.

Almost all graduates of these 50 colleges across the country find jobs.

Career site Zippia used data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System and CollegeScoreCard to find the schools in each state where the highest percentage of graduates had full-time jobs 10 years after graduation. Note that type of job or salary was not specified, only whether or not graduates were employed.

The best college nationwide for job placement is Lebanon Valley College in Annvile, Pennsylvania. It has a 96.2% placement rate. Here are the 49 other best schools for the post-graduate job hunt. 

Alaska Alaska Pacific University/Facebook

College: Alaska Pacific University

Placement rate: 84.7%

Alabama Flickr/Robert S. Donovan

College: Auburn University

Placement rate: 90.7%

Arkansas Facebook/University of Arkansas

College: University of Arkansas for Medical Services

Placement rate: 92.5%

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