Make a Living With Online College Teaching Jobs

The recent surge in new and returning college students enrolling in online bachelor degree programs makes it possible to generate a real living with online college teaching jobs provided you have an earned master’s degree in a core curriculum subject. The maturation of the technology required to deliver quality distance education programs is making it a very effective tool, in both an academic and economic sense, for all post secondary schools to use to engage in the literal digital revolution of the academy. The simple fact of the matter is that has never been as many college students attending college classes from their computers as there are today. Of course the more college students migrate to the online college classroom to earn their online bachelor degree or online master degree, the greater the need for qualified instructors to teach the students who are earning a college degree from their personal computers.

It is this very need for college instructor with earned master’s degrees or Ph.Ds that create the opportunity to make a living with online college teaching jobs, and this opportunity will only grow over time as more people experience unemployment and seeking to improve their future prospects by enrolling in an online university program. The possession of an earned graduate degree, especially one in English, history or psychology, is a ticket to earning more than enough money to pay the bills by teaching these students, and if a graduate degree holder is possesses the time management skills required to successfully teach for multiple accredited online degree programs, the income can easily equal a corporate paycheck.

Time management is of paramount importance for an online adjunct when teaching multiple online college classes for a variety of online universities offering their students a chance to enroll in their online bachelor degree programs. While it is true that a laptop and an Internet connection are the primary tools required to access the online college classroom, it is also true that if a living is to made from online teaching it is necessary to teach as many as eight to ten online college courses throughout the year. Therefore, it is important to be self-directed and self disciplined to the point that you can carve out the time every day to meet the school’s deadlines for grading papers and participating in discussion threads.

The vast majority of online degree programs insist that the online adjunct instructor follow tightly timed interaction guidelines with the students. For example, it is usually necessary to respond to students’ questions within twenty four hours. Additionally, it is a normal requirement to grade all assignments within a seventy two hour time period. In almost every case, not meeting these strict deadlines can result in a rebuke from the school’s administration. Still, with the right time management techniques it is very possible to never miss a deadline, and not receiving a warning from the administration will almost certainly translate in continual classes because one of the biggest issues online college students complain about is little or no interaction by the online instructor.

The combination of an aggressive application program, which means developing a method of constantly applying to online programs in order to teach as an online adjunct for them, with a developed time management skills set can certainly pay off in terms of generating a generous income that can truly be defined as a serious way to make a living with online college teaching jobs.

Michael Greene has taught many college students in many online college courses over the last five years. Greene has never seen so many online college teaching jobs available to anyone with a graduate degree. Further, Greene believes that online adjunct professor positions are now and will be an excellent way to earn a good living for those willing to make the effort to continually apply to community colleges, four-year colleges and universities.

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