9 online courses that’ll help prepare you for every step of the job search – from tailoring your cover letters to negotiating salaries

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Applying to jobs can feel like an opaque process. You rework your cover letter and shoot an application out into the ether online without knowing much else.  Just like anything, you can get better at applying to — and getting offers from — the right jobs. Cheap online courses can give you instant access to the expertise, expert advice, and feedback that you need to become a competitive applicant and be more in control of the process.

Not every job search results in being filled with its best-fitting candidate.

If employers aren’t seeing your application, or your résumé isn’t accurately matching your skills to the job requirements or translated into the terminology used in the field, you may be getting overlooked.

But you have more agency in the process than you might imagine — far beyond just reworking the minute details of your resume and cover letter, surfing job postings online, and sending your application and its hours of work into a black hole. 

If you want to get hired, or want control in a mostly faceless process, you should be putting forth some effort to approach the system strategically. LinkedIn issues reports on both hard skills and soft skills that correlate with job offers, and cheap online courses can give you instant access to the expertise, expert advice, and feedback that you need to become a competitive applicant. 

Below, you’ll find highly-rated online courses that can break down and advise on each step of the job application process, from reworking your cover letter to using industry jargon to negotiating salaries. 

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Udemy: How to Avoid Getting Screened Out of the Job Learn what mistakes to avoid in your cover letter, résumé, interviews, references, offer letter, start date, and more. Udemy: Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Résumé Guide

Transform your current résumé thanks to detailed instructions, feedback on which experiences and sections to include, and expert support and feedback.

Coursera: Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters

Learn how to bring your résumé to the top of the pile and how to present yourself to prospective employers using the language they already speak inside their organization. You will convert your résumé into a dynamic asset statement that relays your talents in an efficient way. 

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Udemy: The Ultimate Job Search Course

The Ultimate Job Search Course covers each step of finding and applying. First, you’ll identify your career values and goals and what you’re really looking for in a new position, Then, you’ll identify the right companies and jobs, use your network to get job leads and “ins” with target companies, create a tailored résumé and creative cover letter, and create a strategy for applying to and tracking job applications.

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Udemy: 2018 Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing + More

With over 29,000 students enrolled, the Career Hacking course prepares keyword-rich résumés, advice for interviews, building professional networks, and comprehensive LinkedIn techniques for success  — including a makeup guide for business photos if you plan to take your own.

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